UNIS tracking Smoothly In April 2024

UNIS Tracking is a user-friendly tool that enables you to track your shipments from UNIS. This global logistics company delivers to more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. Whether you are sending or receiving parcels, packages, or freight, you can use UNIS tracking to find out where your shipment is, when it will arrive, and what to do if there is a problem.

To locate your package’s current location and status, you only need to enter your tracking number and print the container below.

UNIS Customer Support

Phone Number



Corporate Office
6800 Valley View St. Buena Park, CA 90620

About UNIS

UNIS is a leading asset-based 3PL company that provides comprehensive fulfillment and transportation solutions to various clients across various industries. Founded in 1989 as a small trucking company in Southern California, UNIS has grown into a nationally recognized third-party logistics Provider (3PL) with over 12 million sq ft of warehouse space and 1,200+ customers. It has impacted the successful flow of commerce with superior technology, smarter supply chains, and faster execution.

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UNIS offers complete services to meet its clients’ diverse needs, including fulfillment, transportation, and technology. It uses advanced technology and automation to ensure its operations’ accuracy, speed, and scalability. It also leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize its operations and enhance its clients’ visibility and control over its supply chain. UNIS is guided by four core values that define its culture and drive its success: customer focus, innovation, precision, and effectiveness.

How to Use UNIS Tracking Effectively?

To use UNIS tracking effectively, you should follow these steps:

  • Enter your tracking number in the box. You can use your container number or booking/bill of lading number.

  • Click the “Let’s Track” button to track your container.

  • The next page will show you accurate and current information about your container, such as where it is, what its status is, when it will arrive and leave, and if there are any alerts or notifications.

What is UNIS Tracking and How Does It Work?

UNIS tracking is a tool that uses advanced technology to track your shipments. UNIS is a global logistics company operating in over 200 countries and regions. It uses a unique tracking number assigned to each shipment when you book a service. 

You can use this tracking number to access the UNIS shipment tracking using the above-given tracker or call their customer service to get the latest information about your shipment.

It provides you with various details about your shipment, such as:

  • The current status of your shipment, whether it is in transit, out for delivery, delivered, or delayed.
  • Your shipment’s estimated delivery date and time are based on the service type and destination.
  • The location of your shipment is shown on a map with the nearest UNIS facility or partner.
  • The history of your shipment, including the date and time of each scan and update.
  • The proof of delivery, including the signature and name of the recipient, if available.

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UNIS courier tracking also allows you to manage your shipment, such as:

  • Request a change of delivery address, date, or time.
  • Request a hold at a UNIS facility or partner location if available.
  • Request a return or reroute of your shipment, if applicable.
  • Report a problem or file a claim if necessary.
UNIS tracking

What services Are they Providing?

UNIS is a comprehensive solution that provides all the essential services for your shipping, distribution, and transportation needs. Whether you need to store, pick, pack, ship, or transport your products, It has the expertise, infrastructure, and technology to handle it efficiently and effectively.

Fulfillment Services

UNIS offers a variety of fulfillment services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. These services include

Transloading: It simplifies the transfer of goods between different modes of transportation, reducing handling costs and improving efficiency.

LTL: UNIS provides cost-effective solutions for businesses with minor shipping needs, allowing them to ship less than a whole truckload of goods without compromising reliability or speed.

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Drayage: It specializes in short-distance transportation, ensuring your cargo is safely and swiftly transferred between ports, railroads, and local destinations.

Transportation Services

UNIS provides many transportation solutions, from efficient port drayage services to versatile truckload fleets. It has a large fleet of trucks and trailers and access to a network of trusted carriers to ensure your goods are always on the move and your supply chain operates seamlessly. UNIS’s transportation services include:

Port Drayage: It is the premier provider of port drayage services at the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York, and more.

Full Truckload (FTL): Its full truckload services reach both local and long-haul demands with precision and timeliness in mind.

Less Than Truckload (LTL): Its best-in-class LTL services ensure rapid movement and delivery through its expanding terminal network.

Transloading: UNIS has an unmatched infrastructure to facilitate transloading from all major US ports of entry, including Los Angeles, Savannah, Houston, and New Jersey.

TimeSensitive Delivery: It prioritizes speed and reliability to meet urgent delivery needs, ensuring your goods arrive when needed most.

Direct Store Delivery: UNIS ensures that your products reach their destination swiftly, keeping store shelves stocked and customers satisfied.

Residential Delivery: It tailors its service for a seamless last-mile experience, ensuring your packages are delivered to doorsteps with care and on time.

What are the Benefits?

UNIS tracking is a service that benefits both shippers and receivers in many ways. Here are some advantages:


You can track your shipment anytime and anywhere using your preferred device and method. You don’t need to worry about losing or misplacing your tracking number. You can save it on the UNIS app or website or receive it via email or SMS.


You can see the progress and status of your shipment from the moment UNIS picks it up until it is delivered to the recipient. You can also see the location of your shipment and the estimated delivery date and time.


You can manage your shipment and make changes or requests if necessary. If you have any questions or issues, contact the UNIS customer service, the local UNIS facility, or a partner.

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You can ensure the safety and security of your shipment as UNIS tracking uses encryption and authentication to protect your data and privacy. You can also receive notifications and alerts if your shipment has any delays or problems.


You can enjoy a smooth, hassle-free shipping experience as tracking helps avoid surprises or disappointments. Additionally, you can provide feedback and ratings to help UNIS improve its service and performance.

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UNIS tracking is a tool that allows you to track your shipments from UNIS, a global logistics company that offers a wide range of services. It provides various details and options to monitor and manage your shipment and enjoy a convenient, transparent, and secure shipping experience. To use tracking effectively, you should book your service with UNIS and get your tracking number, track your shipment online and via phone, and manage your shipment.